Eyesight Quiz


Try our free eyesight quiz to see if your child is in need of seeing one of our specialists!


1. Does one eye cross inward, turn outward or upward?

2. Does your child close one eye during reading or any normal activity?

3. Are his/her eyes red, do they burn or itch or have a yellow discharge?

4. Does your child ever complain of double vision?

5. Does your child squint both eyes when looking at TV or any distant objects?

6. Has your child’s reading ability decreased recently with no clear explanation?

7. Has your child’s performance at school decreased for no clear reason?

8. Is one or both eyelids droopy at some or all times?

9. Does anyone in your family have a history of “lazy eye”, “amblyopia” or eye muscle surgery?

10. Does your child have any disease that your doctor says could be associated with eye problems?

11. Does your child cover one eye in order to see better?

12. Does one or both eyes water excessively when your child is not crying?

13. Is his/her vision impaired at night?

14. Does your child appear to see better with someone else’s glasses?


Eyesight Test Results

If you answered “No” to all questions: Your child seems to have good eyesight.

If you answered “Yes” for up to 4 questions: It is possible your child may have a vision problem.

If you answered “Yes” for 5+ questions: Your child appears to have a vision problem. It would be recommended that you take your child to see a vision specialist immediately.