Common Eye Problems: Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

If your child desires contact lenses and has never worn them before, it is necessary for your child to have a contact lens fitting. This procedure involves selecting a lens that will fit your child’s eye, instructing your child in the proper use of the lenses, and follow-up visits to be certain the contact lens is fitting properly.

If you have never worn contact lenses before, we cannot simply write you a prescription for contacts. You can have a contact lens fitting by Dr. Amy Coburn who works with Dr. Richards and Dr. Hinrichsen. You may schedule an appointment with our office for the contact lens fitting. If you do not desire to have a contact lens fitting by Dr. Coburn, you can see another eye care practitioner for a contact lens fitting.

The contact lens fitting for regular soft lenses cost $225.00, which includes the fitting, a 6 month supply of contact lenses, and follow up visits by Dr. Coburn for six weeks. Other types of lenses such as gas permeable lenses or soft contact lenses for astigmatism cost $275.00-$350.00. This amount is due and payable at the time of your first appointment with Dr. Coburn. If your child has a contact lens fitting, follows up with Dr. Coburn and is unable to be fit for contact lenses you will be reimbursed 50% of the contact lens fitting fee.

After a successful contact lens fitting, you may purchase your contact lens from our office. We strive to keep our prices lower than 1-800 Contacts and can also provide shipping. Ordering your contact lens is only a phone call or email away.

Again, if your child has never been fitted with contacts, please do not request a contact lens prescription from Dr. Richards, Dr. Hinrichsen or Dr. Coburn. It will not be given.

I hope this information will avoid any misunderstandings. These policies are for the best protection of your child’s vision. Improperly fit contact lenses can result in total loss of vision and should not be treated lightly.

If you choose to have your child’s contacts fit elsewhere, we will be happy to provide periodic eye exams or treat any complications. You should obtain a copy of your child’s contact lens specifications (power, type of lens and diameter).