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Ear, Nose, Throat
Y N Diabetes
Y N Thyroid
Y N Hay Fever
Y N Skin Rash
Y N Asthma
Y N Heart
Y N Vessels
Y N Ulcers
Y N Intestinal Problems
Y N Kidney Disease
Y N Bladder Infection
Y N Urinary Tract Infection
Y N Acne
Y N Warts
Muscles, Bones or Joints
Y N Arthritis
Y N Hyperactivity/Attention
Deficit Disorder
Y N Sinus
Y N Ear Infection
Y N Headache
Y N Seizures
Y N Hydrocephalus
Y N Shunt
Y N Developmentally Delayed
Y N Depression
Y N Anxiety
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Y N Cataracts under age 40 Y N Difficulty with anesthesia
Y N Eye muscle problems Y N Retinal problems
Y N Very strong glasses Y N Neurological problems
Y N Glaucoma under age 40 Y N Blindness